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The Standard Room is a comfortable 3 feet x 5 feet room.  This room is an appropriate size for single and multiple small dogs as well as dogs up to the size of most Labrador Retrievers.

We also have larger rooms that measure 4 feet x 6 feet.  

This room is an appropriate size for either multiple medium sized dogs or dogs beyond the size of most Labrador Retrievers.

Preference will be given to larger dogs.

All rooms are air-conditioned and heated.

Mason Company has been building custom kennel enclosures for nearly 125 years. One extremely important innovation they have pioneered include a cross contamination barrier that assures sanitary conditions between adjacent kennels.  

The kennels are constructed from FRP panels which are sanitary, easy to clean and scratch resistant.  Natural fibers such as wood or concrete allow bacteria to hide and grow.  

The floors in the kennels are sealed with an epoxy sealant to again reduce the risk of bacteria growing and spreading disease.  

Mason company has built housing for veterinarians, zoos and shelters.

With high quality construction, these enclosures will assure Barker's Cove Kennels guests the best stay possible.

About Our Rooms: About Us
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